The Tim Gill Center for Public Media houses two community meeting spaces that are free to 501c3 nonprofit organizations Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. For-profit organizations and groups wishing to use the spaces during evening and weekend hours can do so for a small fee. Please contact the Tim Gill Center for more information.

GL 3The Gay & Lesbian Community Fund Room (East)
Room seats up to 40 people in classroom seating and 75 people in theater-style seating. Ideal for formal presentations and trainings requiring the use of PowerPoint, DVD, VHS, or other audio/visual equipment.

RH 2The Reception Hall (West)

Room can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people at round tables or 100 for a standing reception. Provides a warm, bistro-like setting for luncheons and receptions. The room features excellent acoustics and a stage for musical performances, has access to a ice machine and wet bar.

Media Lab

The media lab, envisioned as an extension of Library 21c’s Center for Public Media, offers resources to citizen journalists including basic audio editing PCs utilizing Audacity and a small broadcast booth. The lab’s vision includes onsite production equipment, advanced editing bays, and software to support digital journalism projects. To learn more, please contact Kate Perdoni.

Visit the Pikes Peak Library District website and click Reserve Meeting Rooms.
Scroll to the bottom of the left hand column to select the Tim Gill Center.
Choose the G&L Community Fund Room (East) or the Reception Hall (West), then navigate using the calendar to select the date and times.
Fill out the required Room Request Contact Information and submit request.
Complete the Community Room Usage Agreement and send to [email protected]
No reservations will be made for the community rooms more than six months in advance or less than 48 hours prior to the start date/time of the event.

For reservations for events and meetings after traditional business hours, please contact Elyse Jones at (719)418-5851 or [email protected] for more information and availability. Costs for room rental for after-hours and for profit/individual use during normal business hours are $50 per hour or a flat rate of $250 for five or more hours.

Serving food at your meeting? Please review our Food & Beverage Policy and review the list of approved caterers who can assist with your event.

Inclement Weather Policy
Inclement weather may result in early closure, delayed opening or cancellation of activities at the Tim Gill Center. Our policy will mirror Colorado Springs School District 11; if District 11 is closed, the Tim Gill Center will be closed; if District 11 is delayed, the Tim Gill Center will be open based on the delayed timing. We encourage you to monitor the changing weather conditions. It is expected that you will notify members of your group in the event of inclement weather resulting in the change of operating hours (or closure) at the Tim Gill Center.